Data management and security

Data management and security

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A fundamental part of a company’s innovation process is data management and security. To support this, it is vitally important to analyze the critical issues and define the improvements made to data management policies and processes, in particular to backup processes, business continuity and disaster recovery, and cloud management.

Backup Processes

In order for data to be always available and to guarantee its integrity there must be multiple backup copies of the same that go to act as a lifeline in case of accidental loss, for human error or for damage to the machines. This applies in any environment both private and business. Obviously having multiple copies of the fundamental data is therefore necessary at the business level as this could involve very serious problems. Arka Service recommends to create more copies, in addition to that contained within the server will need to have others on Smartphone or tablet company because unfortunately it happens all too often that a device can break or be lost. Therefore, the recovery process must be fast and therefore you can also use cloud services.

Business Continuity

Although the events that can cause the interruption of an entire computer system are, in the case of continuous maintenance, really rare, unexpected incidents can always occur. Therefore you must take precautions to avoid the risk of airing weeks or months of work. Flooding, electricity overloads, bad grid conditions or even cyber attacks can also create havoc in the most attentive company, which is why Arka Service provides Business Continuity services that ensure continuity of IT services seamlessly.

Disaster Recovery

If now the irreparable had happened, Arka service is able to restore to 100% the compromised systems as a result of accidents of various nature thanks to the definition of security measures of a logistical and administrative nature to restore the full functionality of the IT infrastructure , data recovery and device recovery. The Disaster Recovery plan, to be included within the Business Continuity plan, can specify such measures that will put your company safe from unpleasant events.


By now we all know the Cloud and its potential. The cloud is a tool that has now become essential for private individuals, allowing to create an online Data Storage safe from the unexpected “physical” that can happen to our devices. The main features of a Cloud service are the security of availability and storage of data, on the cloud we can host entire websites, document archives, audio or video, even from the quality and therefore from the high size. We can also always recall this data on any device through software and mobile applications, with the possibility, therefore, to be able to manage critical data or sensitive applications. Arka Service provides its customers with all the necessary tools to enable Cloud services to skilfully integrate into company activities in order to safeguard sensitive data and make it easier to transfer them from one location to another or to use them in mobility.

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