Steps To Conduct A Website Audit Without Doing Any Mistakes

Steps To Conduct A Website Audit Without Doing Any Mistakes

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Before you delve into to know more about how to conduct website audit, there are a few things you must remember about the process. To start with, website auditing is not only the process to evaluate the content but also the technicalities of the overall website. It is an effective opportunity that can help you to know the strengths and weaknesses of the website. Through a high-end website auditing by a reliable SEO agency or expert, you can receive the accurate feedback shortly as they mostly undergo the process by using sophisticated software and tools.

Website audit helps the webmasters to know about the different steps of SEO done in the site. Also, from the weaknesses, they can learn and understand the things that they have missed for making the site more appealing to the search engines and the traffic as well. The missed out SEO opportunities, poorly performed SEO, poor quality keyword stuffed content with low quality anchor texts etc can be judged through the website auditing.

Here, a few steps to conduct a website auditing is discussed—

On-Site SEO Checklist

Checking the status of the on-site SEO of the website is an imperative task of the audit. The SEO experts target the URL structure, Titles and Descriptions, text formatting, internal linking, content, images, and broken links.

For the Titles and Descriptions, they want unique and fresh content for every page. Moreover, the Meta titles and descriptions have to have the qualities of attracting the users in the search engines. The auditors want the Titles and Description part to have the precise version of what the website or the page is all about.

Content is an integral part of SEO that’s why, while auditing, the professionals focus on finding the attributes of the content per the demands of Google. It has to be written after extensive research and with rich language and proper grammar. Again, the content has to be appealing for the readers. Viral content has a vital role to play in driving more content and leads to the websites.

Website structure

Whether for the static or mobile site, while auditing, the quality, and the website structure are kept in concern. They check whether the content structure is proper or not along with the groups of pages and categories. Alongside, the privacy policy, disclaimer and about us pages are also checked.

Website auditing is an imperative job that has to be done once in a while for checking the site quality, speed, and overall performance.

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